Sometimes you just need to write your own worksheet.

Adding fractions with year 7 today. We’ve spent a bit of time examining equivalent fractions so I felt we were ready. I used an idea that was developed as part of a Lesson Study that I worked on with 2 other teachers a couple of years ago. In the lesson itself we used fraction walls to reinforce the idea of equivalents. After over an hour, we were there, with most being able to find equivalents and successfully add fractions, some no longer using the fraction wall.

So, on to the next lesson. I feel like I have a good sense of how they need to develop this and how I need to scaffold it for them. It’s one of those occasions where I could hunt around online and in text books to find a set of questions that might be OK. Or, if I sit down and think deeply about this, in 10 minutes I have the perfect set. For my class. At this point in their learning.

So here they are. You never know they might be perfect for your class too. But it’s not very likely!



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