Initial thoughts on More than the Sum of Their Parts

There was an impressive line-up of Maths “celebrities” on the programme for the inaugural conference of the 6 London Maths Hubs “More Than The Sum Of Their Parts Conference 2015: Raising Standards Together” held in Chobham Academy including Johnny Ball, Rob Eastaway, Matt Parker.  Interesting though it is to meet these people, I’m generally more interested in meeting other maths teachers and doing maths together. I couldn’t help feeling that today was about Maths Hubs trying to find a way to spend their money.

Maybe it was my choice of sessions, but I didn’t find myself doing as much maths as I would have liked.  In my book, successful CPD contains 2 things:

  • Me getting engaged in some maths I haven’t seen before
  • Having something I can take back to the classroom

Overall I had an interesting and inspiring day even though not all of it ticked both these boxes.  I’m out of time now to write about the individual sessions.  There are quite a few things I want to now explore further which is a sign of a successful day. Never enough time though…


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