Basic Angle properties

I created these questions for my Year 7 class after a fairly disastrous lesson when I made a leap that was far too big for that class.  We had already had a couple of lessons where we had looked at angles as a measure of turn, using a protractor and the basic angle facts, using some of the resources from @mathsjem‘s great blog post here.  Although they could do the basic angle facts separately, I wanted to mix them up just enough that they could appreciate the differences between them and then gradually move onto multi-step problems.  I couldn’t find any questions that were right, so I ended up creating 3 pages of questions with gradual variation at each stage.  I gave them these one sheet at a time and we had a lot more success. Phew!

I’m sharing these as a Word document so you can chop and change what you need for your classes.

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 11.50.19.png


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