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Guess Who – Straight Line Graphs

I think this works well as a paired consolidation activity.  Based on the popular board game, but rather than identifying people, you are identifying graphs and rather than asking about hair colour, you are asking about gradient, y-intercept, etc.


Full details and graphs to print on a nice big A3 sheet are in this Powerpoint.


Equations of simple Straight Line Graphs (prior to y=mx+c) using Mini-whiteboards

These slides are in groups of 4 designed to be used as a mini-whiteboard exercise for groups that need reinforcement on equations of the more basic straight-line graphs that can be determined by looking at patterns in the co-ordinates of points on the line (i.e. all points have a y-coordinate of -4 means the line is y=-4)Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 20.25.38

The idea is that you show the line itself first and ask students to show on their mini-whiteboards the equation of the line if they know it. If they don’t, then showing them the next slide with a bunch of co-ordinates provides the scaffolding. The next slide then reveals the equation and the final slide is to make the point that the coordinates themselves are arbitrary.