Top 10 Maths Teaching Resources

Every teacher has their own list, I am sure!  There is so much out there, this could easily be a top 50 or 100!  But less, is more – I’m going to keep it to 10, but reserve the right to change it every now and then!

1, Don Steward Median

Beautiful maths! If I’m struggling for inspiration, or starting a new topic, this is often my first port of call. Not many of the problems have answers but don’t let this put you off.  See it as an important part of the planning process, you should spend a minute or two engaging with the problem before giving it to your students.

2, mathsbot

There are various ways of getting computers to generate maths questions and over the years I’m sure lots of teachers (me included!) have attempted Excel spreadsheets to produce questions. This site is one of the best because it is highly adaptable and enables you to refresh questions you don’t like.

3, Mathsprint

I’ve tried probably 5 or 6 different “worksheet generator” sites as well as attempted my own using Excel. This beats everything else hands down.  Really quick and easy to generate a sheet of questions exactly as you want them.  Great for homeworks too, especially KS4.

4, TES

It’s always been huge in terms of the number of resources there, but it has recently improved by offering previews of resources.  It can be hit and miss if you just search and the navigation is still pretty poor.  However this page: Secondary Maths resources collections is really useful (although I’ve no idea how you get there from the home page!)

5, Standards Units / Mr Barton Maths

OK, maybe I’m cheating by including two in one! The Standards Units Resources were created a few years ago and widely distributed to schools.  They are great for deep thinking on a topic, getting pair & group work going and are usually an entire lesson with good teaching notes.  They are available on various sites but Craig Barton’s website organises them nicely. While you are there, check out the fantastic array of other things including a huge GCSE Maths Revision Notes pdf document

6, nRich

Produced by a wonderful team in the Cambridge University Maths Department.  If you are an NQT, make sure you go to visit them in July for the NQT Inspiration Day (I presume they will be doing another one this year). A really useful document is the one on this page which lays out all the KS3&4 tasks by topic and year.

7, Diagnostic Questions

Another Craig Barton production! An ever-expanding collection of multi-choice questions all with 4 answers to chose from.  I found a set of A,B,C,D cards in the Maths office recently so now I am all set for some great mini AfL starters or plenaries.  Great for uncovering misconceptions.

8, Hegarty Maths

Loads on this site, including some excellent and comprehensive videos, especially useful for GCSE revision.

9, Corbett Maths

Again, lots of good videos and also the home of 5-a-day, starter questions ranging from Level 3 to A* for literally every day of the year!

10, CIMT Mathematics Enhancement Programme

We don’t use text books much at KS3, but this is the exception.  It’s all on-line as pdfs, but you can also order them as books for less money than it would cost to print the whole lot. A fantastic resource.


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Maths Teaching Resources”

    1. It’s a great site with huge coverage of topics. I have occasionally used it when setting a flipped learning homework activity but not one I use often, therefore not top 10. Probably top 25 though!


      1. I have found Khanacademy very helpful. Also, it is basically the only online source I have used, so it will be nice to try some of your suggestions.


  1. Hi I have been using Maths Kingdom in my class… It is by far the best Maths rescource around. They have just introduced Knotty Maths- interactive Mastery questions. All questions come with worked solutions and can be refreshed to generate new questions. Well worth a look, especially for a busy teacher nothing better than having properly constructed lessons ready to use .


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