Geometric proof

A quick post to share a useful site that I learned about today.  Thanks to  who shared this during this evening’s #mathscpdchat on Twitter.

I’ve always struggled teaching students how to explain their reasoning when solving angle problems to a sufficient level to gain full marks on a GCSE question.  Here is a nice site that scaffolds this for students by presenting a series of mathematically concise statements that students need to chain together into a coherent and complete reasoning.


I would get students to write these in their books so they get a good sense of what is required in a full and coherent proof.

There are lots of good examples on this site.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 20.53.55.png

It was obviously built a while ago, and sadly it doesn’t cover circle theorems, but I have e-mailed the author, so I’ll post any updates here!



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